Pośród wielu naszych działań, zdaża nam sie również malować obrazy, co często jest cudowną odskocznią od złożonosci procesu powstawania ceramiki. Zajżyjcie do galerii, są to nasze realizacje na prywatne zamówienia:
Among many other things which we deal with, occasionally we paint. Our medium is mostly acrylic paint applied on a linen canvas. Sometimes I begin the painting by constructing its body or main mass and Kate finishes it with her light-stroke or heavy-and-sharp, still definite, touch of the brush; sometimes it is her individual expression of some notion.
Compared to pottery, painting seems to us an organic act – one we are able to feel, and thus monitor, fully along the way, coming to somehow instant effect. And it is so relaxing, so refreshing after all the phases one must go through when  making a batch of plates at the mercy of ones kiln.

Take a peek at our works :